Let me start by saying that I am a perfectionist. I understand how difficult it can be to launch a new website, product, advertisement, webinar or blog before it’s perfect. There’s a fear of judgment and rejection if what you’re putting out there isn’t exactly how you want it to be. But, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned since starting a business, it’s that progress will get you a lot further than perfection.

I worked on my website for about a year before I launched it. I changed my mind a lot before finally settling on a design (and then I changed my mind five more times). I created an idea in my head of what my website needed to be but usually, by the time I got it to that point, I’d already changed my mind again and decided I actually wanted something else. I could have worked on my site forever, literally forever, and still not felt that it was ready to be launched. And that right there is the issue with perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist.

The fact of the matter is that no one else had any expectations for my website except for me. I was in an endless cycle of working and reworking something that really didn’t need to be reworked, it just needed to get done. If I'd kept trying to make my site “perfect” I literally would never have launched it. I finally realized that I was never going to get any customers if I didn’t just suck it up and launch my website whether it was perfect or not.

So, I launched my website and the response that I received was amazing! I was told by so many people how professional it looked. I did end up having a few issues with one of my forms and I got a text from my mom saying that she found a grammatical issue on one page, but in the end, I made so much more progress by launching an imperfect website than I would have if I waited until it was perfect.

So, how did I combat perfection and learn to be happy with progress?

1. I announced a launch date

I knew that if I was the only one holding myself accountable, my site would never get launched. So, I picked a date (one that I could reasonably get all of the website’s necessities done within) and announced on Facebook and Instagram that I was going to be launching my website on that date. I’m pretty sure that most people didn’t even know I was going to be launching a new website but now they did and now they were expecting me to launch it at a very specific time. I realized that I’d be way more embarrassed if I didn’t follow through with launching than I would be if I launched something that wasn’t perfect.

2. I decided what was essential for the launch

Instead of reworking finished parts of my site that I wasn’t 100% happy with or agonizing over what color I would use for my navigation bar, I made a list of essential items that I absolutely had to complete before my site would be ready to launch. This included finalizing pages that were essential to my site, creating forms and connecting them to my email platform, setting up a mobile site, and testing my site in different browsers. When I listed out all of my necessary objectives, it turned out that I didn’t even have that much left to do! And by only listing things that were essential, I felt really great about the progress of my site by the time launch day was nearing.

3. I asked for feedback

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a website, a course or a new blog post, feedback is key! Why wait for feedback from the entire world when you can get feedback from a friend before your release date. Chances are that their feedback will make you feel more confident rather than discouraged.

4. I edited after I launched

Since launching my website, I’ll usually go in every month or two and make a few small changes. Honestly, I doubt anyone even notices except for me! These small changes are the kind of fixes that I would still be worried about and stressing over if I hadn’t sucked it up and launched my site in the first place.

The moral of the story is it’s better to reach for progress in your business than it is to reach for perfection. With progress, you’ll have more growth in a faster period of time and see measurable results that you’ll be proud of!