IMAGE VIA The Design Files

One of the luxuries that can come with being an entrepreneur is the ability to work from home. There’s no commute, you can make yourself healthy meals and enjoy the comforts of being in a space that is all your own. But working from home can be a double edge sword. Without the need to leave the house, it can be easy to get into bad habits that hinder your productivity.

I will be the first to admit that I often end up sitting on my couch when I work. I’ve worked from home for the last two years and for a lot of that time, I didn’t have a designated work space in my home. But when I got a desk and started setting up shop there rather than my couch, my productivity levels went through the roof! There is something about sitting in a chair at a desk that will make you feel extra motivated!

So, to ensure that you have a clean, organized and inspiring workspace, I’ve made a list of my top 5 desk essentials!

1. Essential Oil Diffuser
This product will seriously change the way you work (and sleep)! The diffuser emits a light mist that can be scented with any essential oil. The oils will purify the air and make for a relaxing and calming environment. For daytime, I like to use peppermint oil because it’s invigorating and will boost your energy. Peppermint oil can also reduce hunger cravings, meaning you might be less likely to snack during the day! At night I love Lavender oil because it’s calming and makes for a great night sleep!

2. Coffee Warmer (AKA A Candle Warmer)
I can’t take credit for this idea but it is just too good to share. The first time I met my friend Steph Schertz for coffee, she mentioned that she uses a candle warmer as a coaster when she’s drinking coffee because it keeps the coffee hot until she’s done with it. I know, you’re probably thinking “why didn’t I think of that!” because this is so brilliant. Grab your favorite mug, get yourself a candle warmer, and enjoy your continuously hot cup of joe!

3. A Plant
Plants will add a bit of life and freshen up your workspace. I love flowers but a potted plant will last longer so you will always have something fresh on your desk without having to repeatedly buy flowers. I also love that you can get really creative with the pot that the plant is in! For something low maintenance, go with a cactus or succulent.

4. Affirmations
Having positive thoughts and motivational quotes at your desk where you can easily read them throughout the day will boost your morale and drive you to work harder. Change the background of your computer to a quote that you love or print out affirmations and hang them on a wall in your eyesight. Need some affirmation inspiration? You can find some ideas here!

5. Pen & Paper
In the age of computers, it might not seem that necessary to have writing utensils and paper at your desk, but I’m a big believer that if the ideas aren’t flowing, you should switch up the medium in which you’re working. I’ve sat at my computer for hours before trying to design something for a client or attempting to brainstorm ideas for blog posts and been unsuccessful. But as soon as I begin sketching with a pencil or jotting down ideas with a pen, it’s like a new part of my brain clicks on and ideas start flowing out of me.