Image Via The Fox & She

Image Via The Fox & She

Business cards are a very powerful tool for companies. They create new business connections, help you make industry friends, are a great way to show off your business to potential customers, and are often the first representation of your brand’s personality. But not all business cards are created equal. If you want your card to make a lasting impression and stand out amongst all the rest, make sure that you keep these five elements in mind:

1. Thick Card Stock

Think about this: when you give someone your card, they typically put it into their wallet or purse, right? Well if your business card is thin like a receipt or restaurant punch card, it’ll probably get lost in the shuffle and eventually thrown out.

If you use a thick card stock for your business cards, not only will they be less likely to get crumpled up and thrown away, they’ll also have a higher quality feel to them. And if your business card is the first impression that someone has of your brand, you want them to know that what you’re selling is high quality!

2. Readable Text

Please, for the love of god, use fonts and font sizes that are legible! You only need a few key pieces of information on your card so there’s no reason to use a tiny font. When you’re designing your card on a computer, fonts will look larger than they’ll be when the card is actually printed. If possible, see if your printer will print one sheet of cards for you as a proof to check the legibility of the card before printing an entire batch.

3. Social Handles

Your phone and email address aren’t the only way that people connect so make sure to include any social media handles where people can hear from you and your business. That being said, if you don’t post regularly on certain social sites, don’t put those on your business card. Only include the ones that you post to often!

4. No Space Left Unused

Business cards are fairly small so be sure to use all of the space you’re given. Try putting your logo, an image or business motto on the back of your card and put all of your contact info on the opposite side. This will allow you to make your fonts bigger and easier to read.

5. Stand Out

Business cards don’t have to be square! Stand out by making your business card a unique shape or make it them of a unique material. The more creative your business cards are, the more they’ll make a lasting impression on anyone you give one to!